Surja Energy is a young and dynamic Solar energy provider. We design, install and maintain your solar systems, providing a one-stop-shop solution for all your solar energy needs. We fully support the Indian government’s solar initiative & “24×7 Power to All” movement, and believe that India’s electricity requirements can be easily met via solar energy in near future. Thanks to the abundant sunlight and suitable weather conditions in India, it can provide sustainable energy for India’s ever growing energy needs.

At Surja, we focus on individual energy requirements of our customers and design a bespoke system, which offers reliable, affordable and renewable source of energy for over 25 years after installation. We design, install and maintain systems for domestic, commercial and industrial electricity generation. So you can rely on us from a basic domestic refrigerator to a very complex manufacturing line. We provide reliable solutions for both; On-grid and Off-grid solar systems, depending on your requirements.

Our vision is to support the switch to sustainable & reliable solar energy. At Surja, we aim to provide an affordable solution for our domestic, commercial and industrial customers alike, while guiding them on every step of the way through our friendly and reliable service.

Modern Equipment

Our engineering team is on a constant lookout for innovative technology in the Solar Sector to be integrated in our solar plants. 

12 Solar Plants

Having successfully installed multiple Solar PV Plants, we can design, maintain & commission a Solar Plants with detailed engineering. 

Eco Solutions

Providing environmental & Eco friendly solutions, for company’s looking for reducing their carbon footprint as well as cut costs of their energy bills. 

We work quickly and efficiently!

Equipped with an experienced & skilled in-house team, we delivery efficient and fast solutions to our clients. 


Suite 303 Safire Building
Linking Road, Santacruz West, 
Mumbai, Maharashtra 40005

About us

At Surja, we are focused on delivering end-to-end solution to organisations looking to save on energy costs via partially or full switching to Renewable Energy sources.


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