Funding Solutions 

At Surja, we focus in providing complete funding solution for companies/institutions looking to reduce their energy bills as well as their carbon foot print. 

Our funding solutions include; 

  • Captive Solar PV Plants 
  • Group Captive Solar PV Plant under the Open Access scheme.
  • Takeover of existing Renewable Energy assets. 

These options work well in a market where liquidity is a major issue. 

Captive Solar PV Plants

Typically, a captive solar plant is the most economical way to harness solar energy, especially due to very lucrative Net-Metering policy all across India.  For industries and commercial premises, with large roof top areas, a captive solar PV plant is highly recommended. 

This would not only offer maximum savings, but also offers the most eco-friendly solution. As per majority state laws, a maximum of 999.00 KW captive solar PV plant can be installed under the current Net-Metering policy. 

Group Captive under Open Access

Under Group captive Open Access, we install an off-site solar PV plant under a joint SPV with the off-taker. Typically, the end user of the power will need to invest a minimum of 26% equity share and the rest of the funding is organised by Surja. Under the Open Access Policy, the end user at-least need to use 51% of the power generated. 

This arrangement is beneficial to companies with a lack of space at their own facility for installing a large enough solar PV Plant. The minimum requirement of 1.00MW solar PV plant needs to be installed to qualify for Open Access power delivery. 

Project Takeover 

Since 2016’s Solar Policy by the MNRE, there have been multiple Solar PV Plant installations carried out, under the Captive or Group Captive Open Access models. Having tied up with major Solar Funds around the world, we are on a constant look out for existing Solar Projects for take over. 

We typically look at projects upwards of 1MW+ DC Capacity in the Private sector, which are no more than 5 years old. We work closely with all parties to transfer the project, offering a straight forward buy-out process. A win-win situation for all parties involved. 


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About us

Surja Energy provides industrial grade renewable energy solutions. Our team is equipped with the most advanced technology and possess professional experience to cater to your organisation’s needs.


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